4 Things to Know About Propane as a Residential Power Source

Propane is an efficient, reliable, and safe alternative to electricity. Some use it to go off-grid, while others use it as an auxiliary power source during the winter. It’s an affordable choice that’s perfect for those who want to go greener, and the numerous benefits will give users a new appreciation for this alternative fuel source.

It Provides a High-Energy Option

Liquefied petroleum gas, or propane, is a very high-energy alternative to other fuels. It has more octane than gasoline, and this odorless, colorless liquid vaporizes into gas. The smell users often associate with the gas is an additive called ethyl mercaptan, which helps occupants detect leaks. An electric heat pump delivers air that’s slightly above body temperature, but propane can deliver a consistent supply of air that’s been heated to 115 degrees. While an electric water heater takes about an hour to heat the entire tank, propane can do it in about 20 minutes.

It’s Eco-Friendly

Propane is a clean fuel according to the 1990 Clean Air Act and the 1992 Energy Policy Act. The gas burns cleaner than all other fossil fuels, and it doesn’t pollute soil or groundwater. Propane’s carbon content is relatively low, and emissions are minimal. If it is derived from the production of natural gas, propane can cut petroleum use by up to 99%. Those who want to maintain an eco-friendly home can count on propane to provide a viable solution.

It Helps Homeowners Save Money

Propane-powered home appliances offer a cost-efficient alternative to electric models. By switching to a propane-powered water heater, users can save up to 30% on their yearly power bills. Those who switch to tankless propane water heaters can enjoy efficiency levels of approximately 94%.

It’s Highly Versatile

Many users think only of barbecue grills when they think of propane, but it can be used in various household appliances. Propane can be used for a boiler or a home heating unit, and a propane-powered fireplace offers even heat and cleaner burning. Ovens, ranges, and dryers can all be powered by propane as well.

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